Rare? Hotkey Issue on Windows 10 Retroarch PC -



I’ve been searching for a solution for months so please redirect me if there’s already an open thread for this.

I’m running latest Retroarch on PC w/ windows 10. Issue is when I load a game, regardless of core/platform, I’m able to execute hotkey commands once, maybe twice before the hotkeys become unresponsive during each session. I’m using SF30 Pro and I use ‘select’ as enable hotkey. The only workaround I’ve found is the RGUI option to use a button combo to open the menu, in this case L3 + R3, but its becoming a pain in the ass having to do that every time the hotkey stops working. Start + Select to exit still works oddly, just can’t do anything else when it craps out. Again this happens per session, so hotkeys work at the beginning then stop. Hopefully all that makes sense, let me know if I need to elaborate.