Raspberry Pi: Custom emulators and wine/box86 games from RetroArch


It has been some time I have been looking out for Lakka and RetroArch to be my main GUI to run all my games (including wine games and custom emulators like Play-). I have had trouble with Lakka since it doesn’t support apt-get. However RetroArch installed on top of a minimalist Raspberry Pi OS 32 bits seems to do the job. It allows to support OpenGL with which other solutions like for example RetroPie don’t cope well.

So I’ve made two tutorials out of it. First being simply how to get RetroArch running on a Raspberry Pi OS mini 32 bits and the second helping to install xwindow, wine, box86 and the bash core.

Without further ramblings here are the links.

  1. Make RetroArch run (this tutorial also gives you a multiboot with kodi and rpd) https://thepigamer.blogspot.com/2021/05/make-multiple-purpose-system-from-pinn.html

  2. Install bash core, box86, wine, xwindow and run games https://thepigamer.blogspot.com/2021/06/making-xwindow-wine-and-box86-work.html

Hope you’ll enjoy, feedback appreciated! TPG