RE 2 Leon B question

Hello gentlemen, one more silly question.

How to play the Leon B campaign in RE 2 by “mednafen_psx_libretro.dll”? Swap discs and share the same memory card? RetroArch v1.10.3, and Beetle PSXv0.9.44.1.

Thank you for the patience…

Hello @Old-Hutter.
mednafen_psx_libretro.* is the name of the system, on RetroArch. You’ll get better information from ‘Beetle PSX’, the name of the fork.

To read and swap multiple discs you need to create a .cue file, as indicated in the Sony - PlayStation (Beetle PSX) guide.
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Mr. alex3d, thanks for your time. Unfortunately the information contained in ( Games) is incomplete, or the donkey here could not interpret it correctly.

However, after many hours of experiments and research, I was able to solve the problem, It is necessary to “restart the video game”.

After these steps: “If using .m3u files, disks can be swapped by selecting Eject Disk, changing the Current Disk Index to your desired disk, and finally selecting Insert Disk.” You need to trigger the “Quick Menu” and trigger “Restart”. Without restarting the “video game”, nothing works.

After this procedure, Leon scenario B works normally.