Re-use single controller

I’ve searched, but couldn’t find an definitive answer. This is the case; I have

  • one 8bitdo GP controller
  • Steam Link
  • RetroArch, 1.9.0 at the moment, FCEUmm Core

I want to be able to play a NES game that has 2 player coop, by handing player 2 the controller when it’s his turn. Such as in Super Mario Bros 3.

However, I’ve not found how to configure this. Or if it’s even possible. I recall, but could be wrong, that on the original NES you had to have two physical controllers. Does that requirement still stand today for the emulated world?

I think you can go to settings > input > port 2 controls and change the device index to the same controller that’s used for p1 and it will send the inputs to both players all the time. This is the most convenient way to do it, but for games that react to the inactive player’s inputs in some way, you would have to set the other player’s device index to ‘disabled’ when they weren’t playing.

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Problem is, device index is “Disabled” for all controllers, trying to figure out how to change that now.

Actually, that was only when I hadn’t activated the Steam Link. It works now. Thank you.

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