Read console memory

Hello, I am a complete noob. I was wondering if it is possible to read the memory content of the emulated console/handheld. What I basically want to do is read the memory live while playing and scrape some information out of that memory dump. The goal is to get a real live retro style display that can show points, lives or other in game info. Is that possible? Is there any interface to get the memory? Can one write a plugin for that? Thanks

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Yes, the network command interface can use READ_CORE_MEMORY and WRITE_CORE_MEMORY

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Thanks. Where is this documented. I did not find it here:

Yeah, it’s not really documented outside of the source code. That page appears quite out-of-date (one of the pitfalls of open-source documentation), as it is missing quite a few commands from here:

I only actually knew about it because of this issue:

I’m going to at least try to update that page to include all of the commands… EDIT: PRed the changes here:

Ah great thank you! If I get it working I will post it here.