Reasons why i won't devote my time playing Free to Play Online Games

Ok here i am with another off-topic thread and, this time i wanted to explain why i won’t devote my time n life for a Free to Play Online game, wether ot’s an Strategy game or it’s an MMO RPG game: Before i explain the reasons let me tell u a back story, and explain how did it even happen and, how i got introduced to Free To Play Online games, so we had a little Facebook page and, one of my friends was playing a mobile game called: The Hobbit: Kingdom Of The Middle Earth Ok so this game, was from a game maker Company called “Kabam” which a firing Bomb was the company’s logo, ok so anyway, the game itself was a Build and Farm game, most like today’s Clash Of Clans You build your City, containing, Armory, Houses, Weaponary and so on, and you built your soldier, and you go out farm other’s resources or make or protect your own resources to upgrade your stuff, now i’m sure all of you aware that, what type of game am i talking about. It was for Android and iOS the company also had several similar type of games built for PC which was ran on modern browsers with Java Script and HTML 5 Ok so anyway, i was hooked to this game, i worked hard, placed time, and, of course effort, to reach a certain level, upgrading my heroes, building troops etc…etc… at first, the game was fun, i also had alot of friends which right now i’m still having memories of most of em which later on we had our little chat group, and Facebook, etc…etc… So, yeah as i was saying, the game was fun at first, it was simple, you build troops, farm others, level up and so on, of course they were items to purchase such as Time skips which allowed you to attack a far city way faster, level up items, and so on. Later on they added a bit mix to the game itself, they added another city, some extra troop variants, and so on, at later on they added many to the mix such as more cities you could have, troops and, it reached at the stage that, they added many mambo jambo items which i really couldn’t explain myself that, what the heck are they for, for example one of the items name was " Attack Rune " which caused you to put more damage to more troops of your opponents , it just went on and on to the point that, i couldn’t see the game as a simple to play anymore, it turned to a Pay to Win game instead of thr old fun and play the game. So here is the reasons i would never touch any of those junk and will ONLY PAY for a game at first to play them for the rest of my life:

The First reason is they will Trick you, so as i mentioned in the back story, they added many items and stuff so they would encourage you to PAY Up so you can have more level ups, more Attack Runes, more power, etc…etc… and if you won’t have attention you realize that your wallet is brlongs to the game, luckily i never did soend any real money to that junk, now they had a way to get you more trickier solutions so you would get ripped off way more easy and that way was, they were converting your currency to their own currency which named “Gold” game gold the same way Nintendo was doing to it’s eShop. So then they put sale on it, for example they said, you were having for example 10000 Game Gold for $9.99 but now you can have 20000 Gold for $9.99 for a limited time so you would immediately say, wowww what a bargain and immediately pour your wallet into their pocket without even realizing it.

The Seccond reason is they will never stop to lour you with all the way they can, with all the Marketing Strategies they can so you would get cracked and start spending money it reaches to a point that you may or may not realize that, it’s not a Free To Play game anymore and it turned into a On Demand Pay To Play game

The Third reason is, it gonna stop at a certain level, so the game that i was playing was called The Hibbit, which all the characters and environments was based on a licensed movie, which they were purchased the license to make a game based on thst for a limited time, 10 years for example and when the time eventually runs out, they not gonna re-validate the contract, and instead, they will either change the game characters and environments completely different however, your account and troops znd gold, etc… etc… will remain the same which they did, or if that won’t be the case, they just put the game out of the shlve completely so then you realize that you’ve got screwed. After the license ran out, they changed thecgame’s name to Elves vs Dwarves with ridiculous looking characters and environments which i think was designed and drawed with icheap interns, which later on didn’t get much of attention by gamers.

The Fourth reason is eventually if they feel their pocket is getting lightweight and they can’t attract more gamers, they will end the game and shut the servers off, so then you would realize that you’ve got more screwed.

Now i’m not saying that the same conditions would apply to every other game but the formula is the same, as soon as they won’t attract new customers or as soon as they don’t have any more room to trick the current customers to spend more money, they eventually gonna shut down the game and zll your time and hard work will eventually be lost. So as i always recommend don’t waste your time and money to a Free To Play game, and instead pay for the game at first and play it with comfort for the rest of your life, Blizzard games such as Diablo, Warcraft and later on another games from other game publishers, Skyrim for instance one of the greatest game i’ve ever tasted and so on.

I hope my content would be useful to this community and i hope you never get hooked or tricked to a so called Free to Play Game like i did back in 2013 or 2014 i can’t remember correctly.

hmmm, ok now that i fully ready what i was wrote, i see i have few typos in my written thread, some stuff at the middle of it, i hope you guys don’t mind those Anyway is there anyone else heregot screwed over his time n life by a Free To Play Online game ? If so, you can tell your story here so everyone else would benefit don’t be shy

Ohhh, looks like i was the only screwed person in here :frowning: Daamn it no one got screwed over with a Free To Play game except meee :frowning: