Rebind GUI keyboard navigation hotkeys

Is there a way to change the keyboard navigation keybindings? I could not find any entries in the retroarch.cfg and the default.cfg looks all commented out.

I want to change the ARROW KEYS to be WASD, the BACKSPACE to ESC and ENTER to SPACE.

If you turn on “unified menu controls” in settings > input, it moves the menu controls to your retropad mapping, where you can assign any funky stuff you want. Just make sure you move/rebind the ‘exit’ hotkey away from esc first, or you’ll just exit each time you try to map it :wink:

Hmmm, since I have the D-Pad mapped to WASD, that part works very well, but I have

A mapped to Mouse 2 B mapped to Mouse 1 X mapped to Left Shift Y mapped to Space START mapped to Tab SELECT mapped to Left Control

And this is just no good for the menu because the Mouse buttons trigger twice for some reason, making the menu impossible to use.

I was hoping the hotkeys would be in a configuration file, but they must be built into the DLL’s?

Yeah, the menu keyboard stuff is hardcoded, AFAIK. the only way to change menu binds is through the unified menu controls / retropad.