Recommend a non-libretro N64 emu

Is there any other N64 Emulators for Nintendo 64 games expect Mupen64plus, I want to instal an emulator for my PC and I need a suggestion for a good emulator or the Mupen64plus is the best you can find at the moment for Nintendo 64 ROMs? Just don’t recommend the RetroArch emulator I use it once for other retro games and I don’t like it.

I moved this post to its own thread. Seems like an odd forum to request non-libretro emulators, but good luck!


@kalto I think you should try RetroArch again, but select “Use desktop interface” or something in the preferences, so it appears in a window like other emulators you might be used to…

If you need help to configure anything, feel free to ask!

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The other emulator you can use is PJ64 2.4.

It’s very similar to Mupen but it has some cool features like overclocking (not those lame VI refresh options mupen has that do nothing). You can make games with unlocked frame rate like Goldeneye run at steady 60fps without using old hacked emulatiors.

I wish there was a PJ64 core, just for the overclock option.