Recommended SNES Emulator and Settings

I’m having a hard time deciding which SNES emulator to use and what settings. On my stand alone snes9x I use the enhancements that makes it look cell shaded, but sometimes I go back to the more natural look. I also seem to be able to do more with my standalone SNES9x than my retroarch, but I’m just now learning RetroArch. Would anyone mind sharing which of the RetroArch SNES you use and what filters and renderes, etc do you have it set to?

bsnes/higan is/are more accurate than snes9x, but not in ways that are typically detectable by humans. They also support Super Game Boy, while snes9x-libretro does not. However, snes9x-libretro plays nicer with some of our advanced features, like netplay and runahead. As a rule of thumb, the cores with year stamps after their names are snapshots of the core’s codebase from that year, and they typically run faster but with less accuracy / more bugs. So, there’s not much reason to use one of the year-stamped cores if you can run the non-year version at full speed. Just FYI.

For changing the appearance, look into the shaders. If you’re using Vulkan, you’ll use the slang shaders. We have a ton of different effects, including CRT/signal emulation and interpolation/smoothing, to play around with.


When you make a setting change while you are playing a game in retroarch. Does it keep those settings for future games that you play with in that core or do you have to put the settings for each game?

If you change core options in the quick menu’s ‘options’ menu, it saves them for everything unless you specifically save a game-specific options file. If you change other options (video settings, etc.), they will save automatically unless you have a config override enabled, which disables auto-saving.

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In this case, Snes9x 2010 or another year-stamped version may be required to play certain hacked roms. Namely hacks that are based on headered roms. These do not work with the latest SNES 9x.

BSNES Balanced is the best for most full sized computers. Rasberry Pi type devices, old consoles etc that have trouble with this core will run SNES9x 2005 plus or one of the other cores just fine.

You can try RetroArch emulator it works for android, windows and other operative systems.

the snes9x 2005 is the best , but in some games it has audio problems that the snes9x 2005 plus solves it