Redream lakka Dreamcast


I have been trying to run dreamcast games using the reicast core but it does not work.

Was gonna give it a try with redream but i cant seem to find the core anywhere.

I checked the playlist options. Nothing there. Under load core or load option there is no redream…

Im running the latest regular pc lakka. I believe its 2.2.

Is redream on there or do i have to try to run the core using the latest nightly version of lakka or something?


So the dreamcast games that I have definitely work. They work on emulationstation, and batocera. I have the proper bios files and updated permisiions in folder to make sure the emulator could write to folder (which it does).

I believe the problem lies in this elusive “cue sheet”.

Its supposed to be a plain text file that tells the emulator how to read contents of disk?

And I believe Lakka requires this to run the dreamcast games properly?

i cant find any clear documentation on how to produce these cue sheets. But the roms scan into lakka and show up. When I go to play it says “failed to load content.”

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!