Regarding stable versions and the Play Store

I’m sure I had v1.10.3 installed on my Shield Pro last week from the Google Play Store but after uninstalling and reinstalling (due for reasons I won’t go into), it’s now installed the older version 1.9.12 of RA Plus. I checked the Play Store and both the std and plus versions say 1.9.12. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Were later build pulled from the Store? Anyhow, is there any indication when Google Play Store might get the latest stable versions 1.10.3? I’ve read I can sideload and use fdroid for updates, but am curious why the Play Store versions are lagging behind.

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The Play Store versions cannot be updated due to Google’s “scoped storage” requirements.

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Then they should be removed from google play, receiving reports because the user is using some super old version of core XXX (in my case, FBNeo) is getting annoying, and if i understand correctly the stuff on google play will never be updated anymore ?

Yeah, I’m not sure what will need to happen there. I don’t relish the idea of a frozen-in-time set of bugs, either. I think TA is still set on getting scoped storage working, but I don’t know if we’ve made any progress on that for some time now… I do know he’s reluctant to leave the market, as huge as it is (and with our coveted “millions of downloads” label).

And yet on my Samsung phone I have 1.10.3 as it was featured in the Samsung Store a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, Samsung store (and Amazon store) doesn’t have the scoped storage requirement. We can also use the online updater normally there instead of having to move our files over to their servers as Google requires.

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