Reicast Core for Switch?

In my search for Switch Homebrew, I found a Reicast Emulator of sorts for the Switch. So far, it seems to work great…depending on the Game.

Note: Some Games are in Russian (Link I found comes with .cdi Games)

Crazy Taxi - works perfectly

Cap VS SNK (GDI) - Graphical Issues In-Game

Boot BIOS - Stuck at DC Logo

Codebreaker.cdi - Working, but no way to Swap Discs

Gameshark.cdi - Same as above

Daytona USA - Graphical Issues in Menu, Control Issues In-Game

Dont know what the Settings are for the whole thing, but the Device does not even get Warm. So if further Testing can be done, there could be yet another Core for the Switch :smiley:

Not sure if I can Link the Source for it, but Users should be able to find it.

If possible, I could remove the Games and BIOS, so Users could use their own, then Post the rest of the Files on MEGA. Will this be acceptable?

NOTE - This is apparently a Alpha Build. So there will be Issues

Hydro Thunder - Wont Start

MvsC2 - Graphical Issues

MK4 - Unplayable