Reicast_Libretro Naomi core - Monkey Ball controller issue?


Anyone else having issues with the Monkey Ball controls with the Reicast_Libretro core? Up is left and down is right on the analog. I tried fixing it in the options, but no setup can fix it. I’m using an Xbox One controller.


It was working when i hooked it several months ago. However i think @flyinghead changed a lot of things in naomi inputs since then, perhaps this one broke ? I’ll take a look when i have some time.


You need to remap the axes in Quick menu -> Controls. Axis 1 is the vertical axis, and Axis 2 is the horizontal one.


Yeah I did it. It worked.





Retroarch doesn’t save the setting though. So every time you restart Retroarch you gotta set it again.


Thank you so much for helping me


You can save a per-game configuration, which includes the controls remapping iirc


Are you sure? I did that and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?