Reicast/NAOMI Marvel VS Capcom 2 question

I was wondering if someone can help me with an savefile of sorts that got all characters unlocked in the NAOMI version of Marvel vs Capcom 2

If i’m not alloowed to ask for such thing please tell me and i will delete this

I everybody, there is an issue with Naomi controller since 3 weeks. Games load correctly but control are crazy. Do you have same probs ?

There hasn’t been any change regarding controls/input for over a month. Use the game service menu to check your inputs and remap as needed.

hey. you can fix the problem? @jeffreyvaneerde1980

@jeffreyvaneerde1980 Here is my eeprom/nvram with all the characters (goes in your saves folder just as they are named, assuming you’re using recent mame roms):

what problem are you talking about??

could you make it available again? Thanks

There is a code to unlock everithing in the service menu.

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My Retroarch crashes when trying to enter service menu

BUT HOW! do you get into the service Menu.

Running on Raspberry Pi 4 / FlyCast + RetroArch Naomi

You got to enable it in the options menu when you run a game. Look for the games test options in “Game Test Mode” and you will see the title of your game’s test menu and then go to “Game Assignments” where you can configure stuff like difficulty and so on.