Reicast on FireTV 2nd Gen with RetroArch ? Does it work?



is this constellation working for anyone? I can load games, but they are very slow. Loading games often crashes Retroarch. I use the newest Reicast Core


Does but first you need to put up the Boot Dreamcast Bios on reicast apk , On Game List you won’t get the right folder would crash soon as you try to loading up , instead just use your file explorer to load up your games


hey, thanks! i did this already. otherwise it would not have started the games. they are just very slow and choppy. unplayable.

something i found out: the reicast beta as a standalone downloaded from google playstore works pretty fine on firetv with the same bios that i used for retroarch, but i would like to play the games through retroarch. there is a dynarec_option in the standalone reicast app that i can deactivate. if i deactivate it, i have similar problems in the app that i have in retroarch: choppy video and sound

in retroarch on my firetv i tried: – deactivating vsync – deactivating threading – dynarec on reicast in quickmenu is loaded already and i can’t change anything there

the roms are good .gdi dumps. scanning the files on firetv took a long time and at the end there was no playlist created so i had to create it manually to make the games show up in retroarch. scanning the same files on my laptop with retroarch works fine and the games are also playable.

so it must me a specific problem with reicast in retroarch on the firetv. thats the reason i asked, if anyone got this constellation working

to those who wonder, i did all of this:

  • have a compatible core already downloaded/updated
  • have “Core Info Files” updated via Online Updater
  • have “Databases” updated via Online Updater
  • restart RetroArch if any of the above was just done Finally, the content must match existing databases from here:


so, anybody plays dreamcast games on firetv with retroarch?


Doesn’t work on Shield, doesn’t work on Fire TV. I’ve tested both.


thanks for the feedback! i hope the retroarch creators don’t stop supporting these devices. i heard the firetv recently creates some problems


I’m having the exact same problem, but on Android. RetroArch Reicast is unplayably slow, but actual Reicast runs smoothly.


Hey! Thanks man. This feedback helps a lot. If we get bigger we might get the attention we need to help solving this problem :slight_smile: did u try the recent retroarch update? I think it’s 1.7.6 i want to test it at the weekend when I have more time


Yep, I have the latest version.