Release through Amazon App Store?

Amazon Fire TV devices don’t come with the proper Google Play Store and instead uses Amazon’s own app store.

Would it be possible to distribute the Android TV version of RetroArch through the Amazon App Store as well? Or does Amazon impose some restrictions on Emulators that has prevented this from happening so far?

Anyone got any inside into this?

Do they allow emulators? I seem to recall the negative.

I could only find these rather vague defined content policies:

Did anyone manage to look into this? Having the app listed on the Appstore would be a nice option.

Would like to bring this back up. Any chance of getting Retroarch into the official Amazon store? Especially for automatic updates of the app this would same users a lot of time.

Any news regarding bringing Retroarch to the Fire TV store as well?

Just noticed the news over on that Retroarch has finally made its way to the Amazon App Store. :raised_hands: Props to whomever made this happen.

One quick suggestion though: The app icon is currently just the Retroarch/Space Invaders symbol on a transparent background layer. All the other apps on Amazon’s Fire TV platform use fully colored backgrounds however. So the transparent background in the Retroarch app icon doesn’t fit in with the rest of the OS.

Maybe just a black or white background would be a better choice.

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