Remap Arcade stick

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I have an arcade stick, but everytime i run a new game, i have to remap the butons. I trying all the setting, save overray, etc, but always i have to remap the controls for a new game, with all the cores, with any game.

Have you saved a remap from that same quick menu > controls menu?

Yes, save core, game and directory

from here?

Yeah, i save in that menu.

i was using the aur package.

I download the appimage and now the config is saved and runs fine.

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it was probably putting your remap directory somewhere that requires elevated privileges to write to.

If your default mapping doesn’t work with any game, i would say maybe the key binding is the real issue ? Was it auto-configured or did you bind the keys yourself ? The recommended key binding for arcade sticks goes like this :

Y X R1 L1
B A R2 L2
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