Remap depending on Input Device ID

I use two PSX controllers as my main gamepads. The autoconfig file loads, then if I want to play Neo-Geo, for example, the Content Directory remap loads, giving me: Y=A, B=B, X=C, A=D. Everything perfect so far.

The problem comes when I plug my arcade stick, its autoconfig is set for a default six button layout, like this:


…which is perfect for CPS1 and CPS2, however, because of the Content Directory remap, the layout for Neo-Geo ends up like this:


Is there any way to “tell” RetroArch to load a custom remap file according to the device that is currently active? It would be nice to plug my arcade stick and have this layout for Neo-Geo:


…without having to remap or reconfigure all the time. So far, I use two RetroArch folders as a workaround, one for gamepads and the other one for arcade sticks, but it would be nice if there was a better solution. Thank you in advance.

No, we don’t have per-device remaps.