Renaming Playlists

Hi, I’ve skimmed the excellent guide from Alexandra HowTo: Generate Pretty, Curated MAME Playlists the Easy(ish) Way but I’m looking for a quicker and less thorough method of renaming playlists as they appear in Retroarch.

To be more precise I wish to rename my several “MAME” playlists to “Arcade - [Genre]” while keeping the icons and content as they are.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Playlists and icons just need the filenames to match, so if you want them to have different/custom icons, just rename the playlist to whatever you want and make sure that icon is named to match.

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Thanks, I assume the .lpl will need some editing too to replace any instances to match the new name? Sorry if obvious but I’m not able to access my Retroarch system files at the moment.

You can do a find-and-replace, yeah, but I’m not sure if that entry really matters. I would try it without modifying the playlist internals first, as that might save you some hassle.

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