Reported Resolution does not match current Display

Instead it reports the “Main” display.

This is causing me an issue with HSM Mega Bezal features that read resolution for mask size, etc. Would it be possible that Retroarch display the information for the display it is running fullscreen on?

How to reproduce:

2 Displays. Main display 1920x1200, 2nd is 4K OLED

Open Retroarch and run fullscreen on 4K TV --> Display info within Retroarch says 1920x1200

“Fix”: Make 4K main Display --> Open Retroarch --> Display info says 4k

HSM then reads this info and makes adjustments to mask size, etc based on this info.

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I’m not sure this is possible but I do know that with two monitors, you will get better performance making your target display the “main” display.

To be clear. It seems you are wanting to use your 1080 monitor as the main display and run retroarch on your 4K. This will result in poor performance. (Mostly due to refresh rate/audio sync I believe.)

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OK so I experience no ill effects other than the wrong resolution being reported. However, I’d think it would be something that should be fixed, no? :smiley: It would also solve my issue as a bonus :innocent: