[REQUEST] Chromecast Support for TV Mode

I’m new around here, I don’t know if this is in the right section; but, can someone please implement Google Chromecast support for TV Mode, especially in the iOS version of RetroArch in Cydia?

I think chromecast is too laggy for this kind of stuff. Well it seems the new screen sharing stuff it’s better but I don’t think you’re going below 200ms which is terrible for gaming

http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/07/10 … -and-more/

How is it able to handle YouTube video streams and Pandora audio streams but not games? Is YouTube Videos slower even on HD?

With video you are just watching, not interacting. Having to wait 1 or 2 or 10 seconds for a video is not an issue. The emulator is running at a certain speed, outputting frames. Say that streaming those would take 200ms, then the image is already 200ms behind what’s actually happening. Yo might be already dead at that point.

Not saying it can’t be done. I just think it would most likely be terrible on the tech that’s currently available. You’re asking your mobile device to play CPU intensive emulators, encode video and stream at the same time. Streaming video is trivial compared to this.

Shield streaming is not terrible, it’s dual AC wifi and it’s streaming from a way more powerful device to what basically is a player.

What I can recommend is streaming it to twitch, casting that from a different device to whatever you want to cast on, and then just play like normal. Difficult-ish, but it should work. Testing later today, I’ll update.