[Request] Please consider adding an option to skip directory selection

I believe most of us are used to load games from ‘start dir’,but we need to enter directory selection step before we select games everytime,can devs consider adding an option to skip this so we can load games directly through start dir?

Before change: load content>directory selection>choose start dir>load games

After change:load content> load games (from start dir)

You can configure it in:

Settings > Directory > File Browser

Thanks but you didn’t understand my request.I’m not asking selecting which folder as start dir.

We need 3 taps to open a game from start dir at least

step 1.tap Load Content

step 2.tap Start Directory

step 3.tap a rom file to start

My request is adding an option to skip step 2. Merge step1&2 together or something like that.

Old RA version (seems it’s 1.2.0 or 1.3.x ?) behaves exactly like that.

Many users like to open and play,I think it’s closer to that if we can skip a tap or a click.

The second step had to be added to access certain storage that doesn’t appear in the file browser otherwise.

Yeah I know that and can you devs consider adding an option to show/hide whole step 2?

I am still interested in this. I like the original behavior RA had in ~2012-2014 where the start directory was indeed the start directory. Listing extra stuff at the bottom of that list would be fine, but I don’t want the extra step. Is there a github issue for this?

I’m also interested in this . :point_up:

Please, consider adding this option. Thanks