Resident Evil Gaiden bug or emulator bug? How can i help to fix it?


I was testing retroarch with an old game i have, “Resident Evil Gaiden” for GBC, and i ended playing it entirely. But near the end, i found an issue with the game, and i found a reference to it on internet, but not anymore information or if it’s a ROM issue, or the emulator.

When you are almost in the end of the game, you can fight with a upgraded version of recurrent boss (Mutated B.O.W.), but when you are in the fight, and it moves back, the image began to glitch and then the game crash. I recorded it to show exactly what happens .

Used RetroArch (1.9.0, Linux) and Core Gambatte (v0.5.0-netlink) to play the entirely game. Also tested with SRM save and save state in cores Sameboy (1.8.4 35ee9ab) and mGBA (0.8.3 b485ee7), all with the same issue. The ROM i used is “Resident Evil Gaiden (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc” (MD5: 8a7f483857e251d56a16594ca84d1a7e), also know as “Resident Evil Gaiden (E) (M5) [C][!].gbc”, allegedly reported as a Good Dump. Played in Spanish. Also tested with copied played ROM SRM save with “regaiden.gbc” (cf4d77137f7dd485480d83e33fe76879) with same result, which is a known finishable version [18:06] but with different setup (VBA-M r1228, No RetroArch).

Searching for answers, i found in the comments section of this site a reference of this is an known issue with the game, but this is the only reference of it i found, but also i see videos of people playing this part without the issue.

Is this really a known problem with this game? Is a dump issue? (Where can i search for know good dump hashes?) Or is it an emulator issue? How can i help to debug this?

I can provide the save files if this can be useful.


If it’s not working on Sameboy, there’s a very high chance that it’s the game’s fault. It’s extremely accurate.

But, if i’m not mistaken, all GB cores shares the ROM saves (at least i can open the ROM with every core and it have the my savegame). I played the entirely game with Gambatte, and when it crashed there, i tried to play that savegame with other cores, included Sameboy. The savegame itself can be the issue or it’s more likely a ROM issue (bad dump?).

I didn’t write before, but other important thing, when the game crash, the savegame doesn’t work anymore, and the game start from the beginning. Hopefully i have a save state and it creates again the savegame.

Today i managed to finish the game avoiding that encounter. Later you encounter again the same monster with the same aspect, but at that moment there is no issue.

Also i can point out, i remember two or three moments when something is not going right, but you can continue the game:

  • In a room, the sound of a zombie attacking the character was playing, but there is not zombie around. I ignored it and continued.
  • A zombie with an important object disappeared, but when the character left the zone and entered again, it was there and he could take the object.
  • At the same moment the character was opening a door, a zombie attacked, but the character crossed the door and the zombie was left behind. The music when a zombie has catch the character was playing for some second meanwhile the character could move freely, until the normal music poped out again.

If it’s a rom issue, like a bad dump, i remember there were webs with databases to compare the hashes of known good dumps or something like that?

I know i saw it somewhere, but there is a site with info about good dumps hashes In fact, i played the game with the trusted dump.

So, can be an issue with the Gambatte core. But i used too the Sameboy core (loading the game save) and it does the same. Maybe the save is corrupted by Gambatte, i don’t know.

Summarizing, knowing where can be the issue, maybe can be fixed in the future.

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