Resolution per-core

RetroArch 1.9.0 Is it possible to set resolution per core? I want to set to a specific resolution rather than using the desktop resolution. I look at the config folder and found .opt file, but don’t know how to edit for the purpose.


Should be possible if you change resolution in video-- output and then save core overrides.

Overrides will probably work. But… why do you want this? Seems to me you’re making image quality worse for no reason.

I will provide me the best picture, as I have crt_emudriver installed and play on 15KHz CRT. On Windows desktop I use 480i, usually it switches to 240p when launching a game like SNES. However, some cores like Beetle Saturn keeps the desktop resolution, but my RetroArch disabled all interlace modes (how to enable interlaces in RA?), so it switches to 480p which is unable to use on 15KHz CRT.

I use res-o-matic resolution changer to launch Retroarch on Windows with the resolution I want to use specifically for it, it changes back do desktop res after closing it usually. I don’t use emudriver or switchres though, I set everything manually.

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Cool! I must take some time to learn about res-o-matic.

Thanks for suggestion. I have tried “Save Core Overrides” and “Save Game Overrides”, but it still doesn’t use the screen resolution used by the last time.

You have to switch off the full screen windowed mode too.

If i use full screen (non-windowed) and use any resolution other than my TV native, Retroarch only fills a corner of the screen and the rest is the windows desktop.

This is a very old issue that i made a couple of topics about in the past but never got fixed. So i gave up and use windowed fullscreen but this way i can only use the same resolution for all cores.

Tried, but it still doesn’t work. Like GemaH said, if fullscreen windowed mode turned off, the game only shows at the top-left corner and the rest is the windows desktop. Take Beetle Saturn Core as example, the best resolution for a game called “2do Aru Koto wa Sando R” is 352x240. Every time I want to play this game by 352x240, I need to go to Video>Output to manually select.

So you are trying to play on a CRT TV. Not on an LCD monitor. LCD monitors don’t have 352x240.

Yes, I am playing on CRT TV.

So all said on this thread is useless because you would have to create modelines first on your graphics driver.

And then would your graphics card support 240p? Would it support non “super” (2560 etc) modes? Who knows. So this isn’t a fault of RetroArch which works fine on my CRT TV after passing the proper modelines first.

Does anything get written in the override config file for you? I remember having issues with resolution parameters not appearing there, it works fine now apparently (tested on LCD). It should actually work fine via two different ways, either by changing video->output or Fullscreen mode-> changing width and height there. But this is exactly the reason I recommended res-o-matic, since it will change the desktop resolution before opening Retroarch.

I am able to play on CRT TV. crt_emudriver installed, and modelines installed. No super resolution is needed in my case, as I use R7 260X which can output through VGA. Everything runs fine. The only problem is that RetroArch doesn’t switch to the resolution I want on launch, for some cores.

Would you mind sharing the override config file? How should it be written if changed resolution is saved in the override config file? Thanks.

For example: video_fullscreen_x = “1280”

video_fullscreen_y = “800”

video_refresh_rate = “60.000000”

If you haven’t tried it, try overrides also with the properly launching cores, cause if these are at least working that would mean this is a core-specific issue.

This should be a core-specific issue. Beetle PCE FAST is able to switch to the correct resolution when launching a game. However, Beetle Saturn is not able to do so, it just stick to the desktop resolution no matter what I have tried.