Retro-Bit 8-button Genesis controller isn't configuring correctly

RetroArch: 1.14 Core: Genesis Plus GX (v1.7.4 418a0ea) Controller: Retro-Bit 8-button Arcade Pad USB (RB-SGA-003)

I’m new to RetroArch but not to the EMU scene. I have a few SEGA Genesis games to try out using my new Retro-Bit 8-button Genesis controller. According to the RetroArch documentation it should be recognized as a plug-and-play controller. When I tried to play a game only a few buttons seemed to function.

Assuming that it’s not getting recognized for some reason, I figured I should be able to manually configure it myself. I set the core to Genesis Plus GX and then when into the Input menu to setup my controller. I left all settings on the Input menu default and then went into the Port 1 Controls menu. I set up the buttons based on the details described in the documentation for Genesis cores and made sure that I double checked the odd mapping since it uses the RetroArch controller configuration. I saved the profile and restarted my game. The controller worked better, but still not correctly.

The d-pad functioned correctly this time, but the 6 buttons were a mess! The Z and C buttons were not responsive, and the mapping was all over the place. Even re-mapping them again after that I found that it didn’t seem to effect the layout of the controller.

For comparison, I fired up the Fusion SEGA emulator and mapped the buttons as part of its configuration process and the controller worked like a champ. So this rules out a faulty controller. Has anybody gotten this controller to work properly with RetroArch, particularly with the latest stable build?

Yes. Nothing wrong with the controller. Obviously a 6 face-button controller can’t go to a 4 face-button hole without some sweat.

I simply created my own autoconf to be able to switch between a diamond layout controller and this one without touching anything. Of course not using the default core-side remaps either.

not sure how to create a new post on this forum but i have something similar happening. device index recognizes my xbox one controller under port one controls but when I load a game it reverts to keyboard control. I can’t get it to play games with my xbox controller