Retro Game Market is changing

Alright so, i wanted to talk about a bit about the shifting we’re making into retro game community, the retro game market is changing shift And it’s in a good way which is improving over and over every year so, many of us know that, things are getting more expensive specially if u wanna buy an specific retro game or an old console, the prices and availability you may see in an specific time might not be the one you see in past few months and i don’t wanna mention the cost you need to deal to mod your consoles to work with your modern TVs and equipment cause as we all know old CRTs are dying everyday and accessing to them is getting harder every often For me, retro game collecting can be a challenge specially if u don’t own a house cause first you need a host to gather all those hefty electronics And after that, u need to think and consider your space to dedicate your physical cartridges, Media etc… etc… Anyway nowadays you can hook, or pick up n play a retro game in every way You can assemble a fairly good PC, Install the RetroArch and your BIOS file and boom or u can play them on your new consoles such as your new XBOX which can handle the old generation XBOX Consoles, your Switch and there are even consoles and TV Room devices which are specifically dedicated to play retro games in every way u wanna access them Even Libreto stepped up and now there is a way to easily play your Original game disks on your PC without hassling with anything !!! and it’s becoming more widespread use everyday thanks to community behind it. And as i see, people are more attracting to these ways everyday and i even see game collectors themselves are attracting to the change everyday cause it’s way easier and more convenient !!! You don’t have to worry about your expensive physical medias to get damaged or anything, there are collection releases, arcade collections, every year to new consoles which u can easily get n play You can even stick an arcade stick via USB and play them that way if u prefer them to be played in an old styled fashion

So in Overall, everything in retro game market is changing, you would play your retro games by paying next to nothing instead of searching on Craiglist and paying Hundredths of your hard earned money into one physical game, you don’t have to worry about packing and unpacking your stuff while you’re moving to a new house And, i see it becoming way better everyday Ohhh i just wish i could say this about other things going in our life everyday, i wish people would help eachother so everything else becomes better in our living environment just like this one And, i really hope that one day i would see that to happen, no wars, no political inflicts etc… etc…

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