Retroachievements onscreen notifications

Before using retroachievements I would have the onscreen notifications turned off because I don’t want to see the controllers being recognized when retroarch first starts. Is there a way to have the controller notifications off and have the retroachievments still show?

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This is just retroarch itself. When I first start it and the onscreen notifications are turned on it shows controllers I have connected in yellow text in the lower left corner. To remove these messages I have to turn off the onscreen notifications but this also turns off the notifications for the achievements no matter what emulator.


Yep, that’s just the way it works currently. Unfortunately, making it so each OSD message can be turned on/off separately would make quite a mess of the codebase, so I don’t think anyone is eager to do such a thing any time soon.

I figured that. It’s bothers me seeing the controller text so I guess I won’t use the achievements. Thanks!

You could still enable achievements and just not see the notifications when you get them. They’ll still show up on the achievements list when you unlock them.

True but if you don’t see them popping it kinda defeats the purpose. I’m hoping to see them become more elaborate too. I’d be nice to hear a sound and have an actual image of the the achievement instead of just generic text.


I’d like that too. -insert pointless text here to meet the 20 character requirement-

Now that it can be more selective… can save/load states specifically be disabled while these are enabled? Posting here as I can’t start a new thread…

No? Anyone at all…?

Hello? @hunterk? Ack?

Sure, it could be. Someone would have to add it, though, as it’s not available currently.

Are there any plans to?

I don’t think it’s on anyone’s to-do list, if that’s what you mean. You could put in a feature request issue on github, if you like.

Can save/load states notifications specifically be disabled while all else are enabled? · Issue #13239 · libretro/RetroArch ( Not sure how to mark it as a feature request.

just change the title to have “[Feature Request]” in front of it. :slight_smile:

Still no plans for it?

If there’s no action on the issue at github, nobody is working on it, no.

Is it impossible to implement? So, likely never?

It’s possible, but it takes someone wanting to do it and everyone is working on different things right now.