Retroachievements - Sort the cheevos by unlock state

Hi everyone,

as a more casually playing guy who loves to hunt retroachievements and aim for mastering the complete set, I mostly revisit a game and look at the default sorted list of cheevos where I have to scroll through them completely in order to find out which cheevos I haven’t unlocked yet:

image 1: the default sorted list of cheevos

It would be lovely, if the cheevos in the list were sorted by the following:

  1. Locked Cheevos

  2. Unlocked Cheevos (Non-Hardcore / Softcore)

  3. Unlocked Cheevos (Hardcore)

That way I can identify the cheevos I haven’t yet unlocked extremly easily - they are put to the top.

Next up would be the Non-Hardcore unlocked cheevos, which I have yet to unlock in Hardcore mode.

And lastly, the unlocked cheevos in Hardcore mode.

If the first cheevo in the list is Hardcore unlocked, I immediately know that I mastered the set.

As it happens, I like to tinker in open source projects and I got an implementation for said sorted list of cheevos:

image 2: the list of cheevos sorted by unlock state

My question are:

Am I alone with that requirement or should RetroArch adopt cheevo list sorting?

I’m not the most avid C++ developer, so I know that my code would not match the standard within the RetroArch project. How could a PR be approached?

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Seems I can keep it for myself, that’s fine :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great idea, but the forum isn’t browsed a lot by devs, so you should probably go directly to github, make a PR, and wait for their feedbacks.

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looks like a recent commit took care of that (maybe a coincidence):

so, thanks Jamiras :smiley: