Retroarch xbox360 roms not loading - every option empty

Hi. I’ve been using retroarch for a while on my ios devices flawlessly, but i installed it on my rgh 360 and i can’t make it work. I’ve re downloaded and re installed several times whit same results. here’s what is going on: I open retroarch default.xex without issues, but in the options every thing is empty; core,content directory, core dir, paths, etc. it says either <default> or game: : (DIR). I put the roms on separate folders (snes, gameboy, n64, etc) and also put them directly on the roms folder, but nothing seems to work. I have it saved on a external hdd, wich i’ve seen it’s not an issue. please any help on this will be apreciated. it is FB ALPHA v0.2.97.30 on a jasper 360 rgh, tried on fds3 and aurora with same results. haven’t been able to find any info online (searched a lot). what should i do. i downloaded the zip file, unzipped it, saved it to my emulators folder, copied every rom on the rom folder inside, run default.xex from dashlaunch. Am I missing something? Thanks.