RetroArch 1.10.3 not showing thumbnails

Hello. Using RetroArch 1.10.3 in Linux Ubuntu 20.04.4. Thumbnails boxarts not are being showed. Enabled to shown thumbnail type for boxarts. Thumbnails boxarts are named correctly match with games naming from playlist.

Thumbnails path /Database_Image/5 Games/2-0 Retroarch/playlist name/Named_Boxarts inside an folder named exactly like playlist and thumnails inside “Named_Boxarts” files are png

Showing thumbnails for playlist is working in Retroarch current version ? Which file formats are supported ?

Thanks for read.

Thumbnail only works if :

  • Create an playlist “ABC” named in Retroarch
  • /thumbnails/ABC/Named_Boxarts

Thumbnails break if

  • Using an file manager rename playlist “ABC” to “ABCDE”
  • Even using correct path /thumbnails/ABCDE/Named_Boxarts the thumbnails not work.

That’s an error bug ? If yes I will create an topic in github about it.