RetroArch 1.7.8 black screen issue

Haven’t used RA in a while so I downloaded the latest nightly. Completely clean install.

I have 3 monitors and RA launches on the main one. I want it on the right monitor but first I toggle fullscreen. That works fine. Then I cycle to the next monitor index, but that puts it to the left. The problem is that it also blacks the screen out. The monitor is still on and RA is running, but I can’t see anything.

If I cycle the index back it returns to the main monitor, but the second monitor remains black. So then I change the index to 3. It appears on the right monitor now and it’s fine. However, if I cycle back to monitor 1 or 2 it also leaves monitor 3 with a black screen. If I quit RA it also leaves the monitors blank. The only one to work properly is the main one.

To get the monitors working again I either have to manually dis/reconnect the HDMI or do it by something like MultiMonitorTool and dis/re-enable them. It’s a real pain.

Anyone else? Cheers.