Retroarch 1.7.8 vs. Newer versions

I’m creating this post to find out if anyone has had a similar experience with significantly higher CPU demands on the latest versions of Retroarch, most notably on the Beetle PSX core. I rarely ever update to the latest version of anything unless if I need to or want to, and I’ve noticed a significant increase in CPU demand for the Beetle PSX core as high as 17% more cpu usage for the exact same settings on the newest versions of Retroarch vs. 1.7.8 which was the last version before the this started to occur. It’s significant enough where GTE overclocking will be super slow on 1.8.4 and be full speed on 1.7.8. It doesn’t have anything to do with the version of the cores themselves because I have the same versions of the core running on both versions of Retroarch. My question is: Was this jump in CPU usage expected after 1.7.8? I’ve seen cores like Mupen64plus become more accurate on later revisions of Retroarch. I was wondering if this is just the way it is now. BTW I’ve run both versions on two different computers running Windows 7 and 8.1 as well both using the Open GL renderer.

Interesting a Few Nights ago I tried my laptop for the 1st time in about a Year and the Last Version that was on it was 1.7.7 and I struggled to play Games with GL Video Plugin and run slow but put 1.8.4 on and games worked at full speed with GL Video Plugin