RetroArch 1.8.2 Released!

Merry Christmas, here is RetroArch v1.8.2 ! Check out our blog post here to read about what is new - accessibility features, manual content scanner, auto-updating cores, big UI improvements -

Read the blog post here -

And read this addendum article too -


Where is the PS3 version of 1.8.2?

Something seems to have happened with the people that usually provide those builds. We haven’t spoken to them about it yet, but unless/until they get something going for it, users will need to compile it themselves.

How do you compile it yourself? do you have a step?

It requires having the PS3 SDK and knowing how to set that toolchain up. Once you have that, you can close the libretro-super repo, build the cores and then run the dist script to link RetroArch against each core in turn.

I upgraded retroarch from 1.7.7 to 1.8.2 and now i can’t find Turbo Delay option anywhere. All i found is that single button option that i don’t need.

I look forward to learning more about this site/this software and just the overall community.

I’m still a noob, but I’m excited by what I see so far.

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