Retroarch 1.8.4 with MAME2010 analog sensitivity


I’m using RA 1.8.4 with MAME2010 on a RETROID POCKET 2. This device has no touch screen, but an analog stick which can be used to control the mouse.

I’m trying to use the analog stick in Centipede and other trackball games. It works and I see that the speed depends of the position of the analog stick, but it is much too slow.

  • In the general settings / input / analog sensitivity, I can set -5.0 to 5.0, but this has no effect.
  • In the in-game menu (which is a typical Retroarch white-blue menu, not the old green-white-black MAME menu), I find no option for analog settings (not even to bind something analog, only buttons and D-Pads).

How can I change the analog sensitivity? For example using the “old” in-game menu, or changing a CFG file?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Patrick

PS: I have also tested FBA and MAME2015, but with them, the analog stick does not work at all

… I can’t believe that nobody knows that!

I have noticed that I can augment the sensitivity of the analog joystick by changing it in the system settings of Android. Now it is much too fast on the desktop, but OK in RetroArch.

I have also understood how to go into the in-game native menu. Unfortunately, when selecting “Analog controls” RetroArch crashes, no idea why.

It seems I’m much too stupid to understand the philosophy of the keypad settings of RetroArch. And also to find explanations which I could understand.