Retroarch 1.8.9 gearboy and gearsystem cores causing app to crash help

After upgrading my retroarch in my psvita to the resent update that is 1.8.9 if i try to run gameboy games with the gearboy cor it crashes the psvita retroarch app.

this is the case if I try to play a game with the gearsystem core on gme gear it causes the app to crash.

is this a known problem that is being fixed in the next update?

also I tried this on a completely new install of retro arch with only 2 games one bein for the gameboy and one for the gamegear both games were zip and unzip and still the same problem. I did this just to see if it wasn’t some of my old files on my retroarch build but it turns out this is not the case since it was on a fresh install.

is there anything i could do?

After some testing I notice the gearboy core stopped working after retroarch update 1.8.5. So in 1.8.6 and upwards it doesnt work any more.

Also gear system stopped working on 1.8.7. On 1.8.8 and up It doesnt work any more.

Are they planning on fixing this?

This is the first I’ve heard of these. Someone will need to track down what’s actually happening (logs could help there) and why (that is, tracking down the exact commit that broke them).

On my retroarch in my vita im running 1.8.9 but the core for gear system I replace it with the one in 1.8.7 and the one for gear boy I replace it with 1.8.5.

How can i go about getting this logs to send to them and where?

You can post them here for now.

Vita uses statically linked frontend+core, so if you’re running the gearboy from 1.8.5, that’s both the core and the frontend from that time, so be aware of that when testing.

Thank you for the reply how would I go about posting the log. Sorry new to this. Where can I get them in my vita to zip them and post then here.

What I did was replace the .self file for gear boy and gearsystem with their latest working versions which ade version behing.

If you go to settings > logging and turn on ‘log to file’ and set both logging verbosities to “debug”, it should create the log file in your ‘log’ directory on your storage. You can copy/paste the contents of your log somewhere like and then post a link to it here.

Logs from the last working versions will not help us, unfortunately, we need logs of the newer versions crashing/failing.

Thank you. I’ll update my retroarch on my pstv and start from scratch on the newest version and try this two cores and get thos files

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