RetroArch 1.9.0 (2021.2.14) Android issues I'm having

Issue 1, no rumble using ReARMed core. Yes this is more a “contact core developer” but I don’t know where to.

Issue 2, the Hotkey in Settings>Input>Hotkeys>Hotkey Enable (trying to set it to R3) will NOT stay saved if going through all the saves possible in the program… Pic for reference

Issue 3, how do I get it (if possible) to load the last “Save State” automatically when I open the program?

Issue 4, how can I change the folder a game save saves to? I want to save to my SD Card.

Issue 5, sorta pertains to 4, recently I can’t manually look in my SD Card (such as search for my roms) anymore. I cant go back past the ‘/’ or ‘/Storage’ it just says nothing is found. This happens in anything related to looking in other folders. Pic for reference

Issue 6, I have the audio set to -40.0 but if I exit then return to the game, the sound is as if it is at 0 but as soon as I change it even half a decibel it reverts to -40.0’s quietness. Not a big deal but is a pain when the Enable Hotkey won’t stay keybound.

There might be more issues but I can’t remember them right now. Also, I have a series playing Final Fantasy VIII on YouTube if you want to see my issue with the sound and other things… Episode 19 and 20 are recent to the posting date of this. My username on the tube is the same here, RepoDraghon. If you watch the whole series, you will see all the current issues I’m having.

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