Retroarch 1.9.1?

Hello everyone!

First, I just want to thanks all the community for this great software that i discovered not a while ago and that made me love all the classic arcade games and more recent console games.

I dont know if there is more precise information about my request, I tried to browse but I couldnt find answers to my questions.

The main question is probably linked to the others

When is retroarch 1.9.1 coming ?

I actually run 1.9.0 with Win10 and I ask that because when i discovered this software in August 2020, they were a lot of core missing and the game database didnt seem to be complete.
e.g : Nintendo 3DS games were not showing after an “automatic scan” beside that I also have issues to make them run with actual core

I also cant find dolphin core to play Gamecube or Wii roms, is it also related to the “attack” the server got earlier this year ?

I wont show all the list of “problems” but I also have a bug with Dreamcast core that cannot load Dreamcast roms,

Thank you in advance for your help,


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The “missing” cores are available here:

You will need to install the cores manually. The new buildbot should be available soon.


Thank you very much for your advise. I found Dolphin core there. Now I can play gamecube roms directly from Retroarch.

But still so many problem loading : Dreamcast roms with the only one dreamcast core. Atari 5200 ( it says to have a legit atari 5200 console when i load any rom ). The PSP rom database in Retroarch seem very small compare to the real PSP rom out there. Cant find a Turbografx core and many others etc etc

Anyway I will wait hoping those cores will be updated and will work.

All cores you mentioned are working flawlessly. Can play everything without issue. Only dolphin has certain porting issues like analog shoulders and Controller support in wii mode. But in general everything works fine if you know how to do it.

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Retroarch has a manual directory scan you could use instead of the database.

beetle-pce-libretro or beetle-pce-fast-libretro

With the Mods/Staff Migrating the Old Buildbot to the New One.

Things should be back to 100% very soon Hopefully

Hello, thank you everyone for your answers. After some reading I managed to get all the core working on multiple rom/machine even the most rare ones :slight_smile: What amazed me is for the 3D games the ability to upgrade the resolution, like 3DS game on a 4K TV is playable :slightly_smiling_face:

The last thing I can’t really fix is about the PSP and Nintendo3DS database. I can easily add the rom manually but it s sad I don’t have the preview pictures like most of other platforms on retro arch. I ve read about editing the rdb files but it seems a hard work. What is weird is that there are rdb files for PSP and 3DS in retro arch directory but even the most well known PSP or 3DS Roms are not recognized by the automatic scan option.

Maybe you have info about this issue ? Is it also going to be fixed on 1.9.1 update ?

Thank you again