RetroArch 1.9.12 latest version?

When I install from Google Play store the latest RetroArch version is 1.9.12 is this the latest version on Android is there a way to get 1.14.0? Thanks

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Google won’t let us update it on the Play Store unless/until we comply with their “scoped storage” requirement, though they have provided no way to do so outside of their java APIs.

The best way to proceed is to install from one of the other stores (IIRC, both the samsung galaxy and amazon stores have up-to-date packages) that are not beholden to google’s stipulations, or download and sideload the apk from our website.


Thanks @hunterk I got it through the amazon app store. One thing on Google Play there is a RetroArch and RetroArch Plus but on Amazon only RetroArch. Im lead to believe the plus version is the 64bit version. Is the standard RetroArch on amazon the plus i.e 64bit version?

i can be wrong but i think retroarch plus is for modern mobile chipsets , the normal one is better for older phones …at least i think

such a nice company always helping the little ones :upside_down_face:


The plus version targets a higher API level, but the only thing that means is that Google would let us include more cores (larger apk size). So, it’s another product of their goofy, arbitrary hassles.

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