Retroarch 1.9.3 / ScummVM 2.2.1 – Keyboard issue

Hi there! I am having an issue using a keyboard with ScummVM 2.2.1 - hotkeys do work just fine, and I know that I have to change to that game focus mode in order to type something. But whenever I switch to that focus mode, my keyboard is completely ignored. I’ve tried different keyboards and even other cores, like the commodore 64 ones, for example. No issue here. Typing in text works like you would expect it.

I found threads here where people had similar issues a long time ago. Unfortunately, all links to further topics there are dead. Can someone push me in the right direction here?

Also, someone mentioned that it depends on the version of retroarch? I am using the latest stable build right now (1.9.3).

Thanks in advance for any input…