Retroarch - 2 Controllers not working at the same time

Dear all,

On my Windows 10 System, there are 2 wireless “Xbox Series” controllers successfully connected via Bluetooth.

Both controllers were generally recognized by retroarch 1.9.1 as well. At least I got the message in retroarch after connecting:: Bluetooth LE XINPUT-kompatibles Eingabegerät Port 1 Bluetooth LE XINPUT-kompatibles Eingabegerät Port 2

Afterwards I went into the input settings for “Port 1 controlls” and “Port 2 controlls” Device index for Port 1 is Bluetooth LE XINPUT #1 Device index for Port 2 is Bluetooth LE XINPUT #2 And configured the D-Pad, buttons etc…

But its not working as expected. Just the first Controller is usable. Or second in case I put the Device index in Port 1 on #2

But i am not able to use both controller at the same time. Not for the menü in retroarch and also not for the games.

I want to play with friends. But its not possible. Can you please help?

I am encountering the exact same situation, but I noticed it only happens on NES/SNES games for me. If I load Sega Genesis games, both controllers work normally.

I’ve been researching like crazy, and this issue has been going on for /nearly a decade/. Yet there is still no answer. I just want to play NES games with my wife :frowning:

Please, someone help