RetroArch and Aurora

I have been suggesting to the Phoenix team that they integrate the emulators into the dashboard, as most of the emulators for the 360 havent had any updates in quite a while. so Swizzy over at said that If i could get him a compilable with the XDK version of the source code, he would look into it.

So first question, is there anyone out there that can point me in the direction of every thing needed to compile RetroArch360, such as the libretro source for 360, and the emulator “modules” source for the 360, and the frontend gui for the 360. My idea is that aurora could put the actual emulator games in the game list, and play the roms natively. currently they have a new option to pull up the list of roms for an emulator, and launch a specific rom, but none of the emulators support this, and most of them havnt been updated in 1.5+years. I think if I can get these files to swizzy, then they will build libretro into aurora, which will mean easier updates for emulators, box art for emulator games, etc. And possibly an xdk based N64 emulator, which would be nice. Mupen64-360 for libxenon is nice, but it has its own issues, such as not reading fatx partitions, which means that you have to keep all of your roms on a fat32 usb drive. :frowning: no one likes that. As said anyone who can point me in the direction of everything that is needed to compile retroarch360, other then the xdk of coarse, it would be appreciated.

It’s all on github: All of the stuff for RetroArch360 is at The individual libretro cores are in their respective repos.

The only part I was/am unsure about is this

You will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed (or higher) in order to compile RetroArch 360.

The solution file can be found at the following location:


NOTE: A pre-existing libretro library needs to be present in the msvc-360/RetroArch-360/Release directory in order to link RetroArch 360. This file needs to be called libretro_xdk360.lib.

which was in the readme for building retroarch. As I said, If I can get all the information to swizzy over at RMS, we will probably see this in a future aurora version. :slight_smile:

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Since the 360 doesn’t support dynamic library loading, each libretro core is statically linked to the executable. So, to build it, you build the core and then move the libretro library into the RetroArch source directory and then build the solution. Rinse and repeat for each one.

You sure? I know of 3 homebrew projects on Xbox 360 (XDK) that does support it; FSD/F3, Dashlaunch and Aurora, there are probably others aswell… :rolleyes:

When speaking of Libxenon yes, it doesn’t support dynamic libraries… but… that’s a different matter :wink:

Anyways, i tried compiling last night, and it appears that there is more stuff required then just Visual Studio 2010 & the XDK… i had ~ 102 compiler errors with snes9x-next and 22 with Retroarch… maybe i’m just dumb and don’t understand the instructions? but… in my mind, if it doesn’t mention anything specific it should compile as-is…

I know very little about the 360 port or 360 homebrew in general, so no surprise that I wasn’t 100% on the dynamic loading thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll direct Squarepusher to this thread and I assume he’ll tell you whatever you need to know. AFAIK, he’s the only one with any real familiarity with that port.

Actually, Swizzy, would you mind coming to #retroarch on Freenode IRC? Squarepusher said that would probably be the easiest way to discuss.

The source is located at