Retroarch and CRT TV ( sync problem )


For Someone (like me) is a problem, but for others, this can maybe be a solution.

I have a “R7 240 LP” with CRT Emudrive ( ) VGA port plugged to “UMSA Ultimate SCART adapter” plugged to " Sony Wega "

For Mame, Snes, SMS, SG, NES everything is perfect but for Dreamcast, PSX, Saturn, I have a sync problem ( Double Image ) , but if I plug a Monitor to the HDMI port of my R7 and enable the “Clone Mode” ( Windows + P ) , the problem disappears, and everything is fine , even when I shutdown the second monitor.

If I unplug the HDMI the problem reappear.

Sounds like switchres in RA is doing something it shouldn’t be like trying to output 480p instead of 480i (disable it and set your desired resolution manually in arcade OSD before running retroarch).

Or you don’t have the correct modelines installed through crt emudriver’s Video Mode Maker

Or that adapter is changing the resolution/refresh rate (try a transcoder instead).