Retroarch and PS3

Hi to all, I’m new with retroarch and I’m in difficult to understand how it works. I add some roms in my usb hdd and I connect it to my ps3. Retroarch scan the usb folders and it found rom/games. It add the roms in n.2 folders at the right end of the main menu, mame2000 and snes(?) icons. When I try to launch a rom the retroarch “ask me” which emulator it must use to run the rom, sometimes there are only two choices but someone there more than two and if I select the wrong emulator the ps3 freeze, I need to force it to the restart. Does a workaround to choose always the correct emulator? Thx in advance and happy new year :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:

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First, you must load the correct core that can handle your ROM. then load the content and go for ROM directory and load it.