Retroarch Android logs


Hi everyone.

I have an Android GPD Q9 tablet, where I installed Retroarch around 1 year ago. I played a little with that but haven’t used it since. Everything seemed to work nicely though.

I wanted to test out the MAME romsets I made lately on another system than my Nvidia Shield, soI took out of the drawer yesterday, it updated everything, including Retroarch, to the latest version, then I copied the roms to it.

I updated every MAME core installed (actually the roms were rebuild as stand alone using clrmame pro pointing to MAME 2016 so that should be enough).

Even so, each and every rom I load with core MAME 2016 makes retroarch crash after briefly seeing the usual control overlay and the “loading…” screen of the MAME emulator.

Can anybody tell me where retroarch stores it’s logs in Android so that I can give a look at what happened, please?

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You have to get a logcat, either with an external program or via Android debugging:


Maybe this app?