RetroArch Android - READ if you have crackling audio/bad video


Tried disabling it - had no effect


well i stumbled into the refresh problem with a Photon Q. i was pretty happy with the phone until i tried out emulators… they worked awfully and sound was completely distorted

i immediately installed retroarch and checked the refresh rate… calibration reports something like 56.6xxxxx which is a terrible value. the best i could attain was either good video + very bad audio or good audio (but still not perfect) and very very bad video

so uh, stay away from that phone if you care about emulation :frowning:


i solve my problem with my Samsung S5 using Threaded Video Disable.


Good information for the android users.


Interesante. Igual resulta todo un kilombo solo por no tener como saltar 2 o 3 cuadros… aguante retroarch! :wink:


Not saying this would be easy, but why don’t you program something to detect crackling audio, and have an option to automatically cycle through 60 to 0 until the audio stops crackling? Maybe you could also have some kind of debug mode that plays a sine wave, so it will be easy to detect the crackle.



I have a Nvidia shield tv (nougat) and when I try psx roms (Chrono cross, star ocean and others) I got audio crackling. I tried the suggestion but I always​ get crackling. Any tips to get it fix?



This might seem like a silly question, but how do I lower the refresh rate? It seems like I can only increment and reset to default.

I am using the most recent build.


greetings! new here. I have crackling audio when I use vsync. it goes away when I turn it off but then I have video stuttering. I have tried many combinations (using vsync/audiosync/threaded video/hard gpu sync/and that 2048 sample thing) but I always have one problem or another. any suggestions?