Retroarch.cfg - Can't Delete Mouse from Function

In RGUI, I was editing Hotkey Binds and, under that, is “Menu toggle.” Since the key for that is “alt,” and that’s the keyboard key that, with my hotkey, brings up the Retroarch Quick Menu, I thought that’s what it did. I have some navigation buttons on my console and was trying to reassign that function to a navigation key.

So I selected “Menu Toggle” and pressed one of the buttons, which corresponds to the right mouse button. I got “(Key: alt), Mouse 2.” I tried changing it and couldn’t get rid of the “Mouse 2,” so I tried another button and now I get “(Key: alt), Mouse 1”, as shown:

I selected that item again and pressed “Alt,” hoping it might change it back to just (Key: alt), but it did not. Now I have that Mouse 1 part stuck there, no matter what I do. I used grep on the file, to see any kind of setting that toggled a menu. The only line in the file that had both “mouse” and “menu” (ignoring case) was for the mouse menu. I could also not find a single line that had “alt” and “Mouse 1” or even “alt” and “mouse” in it.

How do I change this back to JUST (Key: alt)? I don’t mind editing by hand, if there’s an issue with RGUI not being able to handle this, but I can’t even find a setting that has both a key and mouse assigned.

hit spacebar on your keyboard to return to the default mapping, hit ‘del’ on your keyboard to unmap it altogether.

Just for reference, you won’t find any line that has both mappings in it, as one is the mapped key and one is the mapped button (i.e., usually refers to a gamepad button)

Got it.

Thank you for that extra bit - it’s helpful to know that! I don’t want to have to edit config files by hand if I don’t have to, but sometimes things can happen.

So now I’m curious, even though I can fix this in RGUI now. What item is this?

you mean input_menu_toggle?

Ah. When I had searched for that, before, I found:

input_menu_toggle_axis = "nul"

And I thought, “That can’t be it.” Now I see. There are 5 lines with it:

input_menu_toggle = "alt"
input_menu_toggle_axis = "nul"
input_menu_toggle_btn = "nul"
input_menu_toggle_gamepad_combo = "0"
input_menu_toggle_mbtn = "1"

What is “axis” for?

Analog inputs. E.g., for assigning it to, say, left-analog up.

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