Retroarch.cfg error on saving

When I go to save current configuration. I get after making change. Failed to saving config to c:Retroarch/Retroarch.cfg. I get this error. When I play with the video size settings. But I have noticed this error also appears when I make any other changes too Ver 1.8.1 win 10

Try moving your RetroArch folder somewhere in your user path, like Documents or Desktop.

I think I solved it. I thought Save current configuration was to save Core Overrides. I was wrong. I found save core/game overrides

Another question. How do I stop the message from popping up (Ckeckmark) a track device 1 configured in port#0

First, go to settings > user interface and disable ‘menu widgets’. That will get rid of the fancy notification, but it will fall back to the old “yellow text” notifications, which you can disable in settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications.

That did it.
Ok let me ask You have the following joypads/controllers These are all Usb Controllers NES SNES Sega Genesis

Will RA recognize each one ? Will RA auto configure them one set up or must I manually do it Then my goal when all is said and done Oh you wanna play NES. Here Hyperspin down to NES and plug this in Oh now you wanna play Sega Genesis ok unplug that plug this in and Hyperspin to Sega Genesis

Will what I want work?

Yeah, if there are autoconfig profiles available for the pads. If not, you can create them yourself (and, optionally, submit them to the repo for inclusion).

Plugging them in each time works great. What doesn’t work as well is leaving them all plugged in all the time.

No! I won’t do that. When you are done with a console, you unplug the controller and it gets put away!