Retroarch core ViceC64 input controller

Hi, guys, I’m trying to configure the command in Core C64, I’m the can T. I’m trying to configure the Cabinet keys (keyboard) Can someone help me?

Can anyone help me? I can’t understand the logic of key controller

How are you controlling the core? With a gamepad or with a physical keyboard?

First of all, update to the latest core Vice x64 3.3.

Then, go to each of the “RETROPAD XXX” options and press START button on each one to reset it to default.

Now, go to Quickmenu->Controls and set each input to “VICE Joystick”.

Then you can use your game controller:

  • L - brings up virtual keyboard
  • R - brings up status line
  • R2 - presses space
  • L2 - presses Run/Stop (Escape key) etc.

If you want to control the C64 joystick with a keyboard, then you have to use input binds. In Retroarch Settings->Input you can bind keyboard keys to Retropad. Retropad #1-4 directions and A button are mapped to Vice joystick #1-4. Some C64 games use port 1, some port 2. There’s a core option to swap the port that Vice joystick #1 and #2 control. There’s also a “joy” button on the virtual keyboard to do the same.

My problem is that I am configuring a cabinet that the buttons correspond to a key on the keyboard.

And I try to match my keys to that kind of command, example: Button1 - N - I wish it matched FIRE Button 2 - M - I wish it matched RUN/stop Button 3 - Z - I wish it matched F1 Buttan 4 - SPACE - Y (yes) Button 5 - Lshift - N (no) button 6 - X - I wish it matched F2

Meanwhile I leave you two screens of how I have the configuration

I tried to change these commands but nothing changes PNG r3 r4

and here I configured how you told me


currently the two levers work even if the right lever when I go to the left moves both players