Retroarch crashes when save state (dolphin)

hello, when i play Eternal Darkness (dolphin core) and save state, retroarch crashes. no output on terminal.

retroarch 1.13.0-2

retroarch -v output with vulkan:

retroarch -v output with opengl:

Hmm, saving state works for me with glcore (tested with Luigi’s Mansion). Dunno what, if anything, can be done to make it work on your end, though :confused:

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thx for reply. yes, with other games (like Wind Waker) it works. it’s only a Eternal Darkness problem. to make it runable I had to edit ~/.config/retroarch/saves/User/Config/Dolphin.ini configuration adding this:

GPUDeterminismMode = fake-completion

without it, game crashes at start. maybe that option conflicts with save state?:thinking:

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Can anyone help as a few months ago I was able to run the Gamecube roms from retroArch but now they don’t run at all, I did all the updates, and it recognises where the files are on the USB, but when I try and load one of the games, all I get is 2 seconds of a black screen then I just get looped back to my main menu of the Xbox?