RetroArch - Create a Direct3D 11/12 backend for the D3D driver [$160]


We got a nice contribution from somebody, so we are going to use it to start this bounty.

We can really do with a more fleshed out Direct3D driver for RetroArch, so for this bounty we are looking for somebody who can add a Direct3D 11/12 codepath to the currently existing Direct3D driver.

Read the bounty issue for more details here -

Bounty starts out right now at $25. I will chip in some more shortly.

Standalone Dolphin has Direct3D support but the core doesn't!

Bounty increased now to $85!


Just a newbie question, but is this really relevant, when there is already a really performant Vulkan driver ?


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Hi retro Arch for playstation (beetle PSX HW) option renderer : vulkan, opengl , software , possible add new renderer D3D & 3DFX like play psx games in direct 3D render THX :slight_smile: ? for bleem 1999 D3DFX like play psx games in HW grafique D3D